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2011-03-13 00:34:36 by DimiSirus

Not sure if there's many open minded people on this around here. There probably is but I see a lot more traditional out-lookers here I suppose. Traditional in the sense of 'finished is best' and 'conceptual' work of any kind doesn't spark interest or meaning just for the sake of its own self. Whatever, just a thought, probably overgeneralized.

Anyways... just finished layout of an actual indie song. Very short and sweet, meant for an animation my sister and I are working on's ending credits. Excited. Will be working to finish it up.

Still Figuring this Place Out

2010-12-20 03:33:14 by DimiSirus

Yay, winter break= time to work on what I want to!
lol, still don't understand all the quirks and bangs of this site, honestly not interested in that part of it too much.
Really surprised by how fast it was for people to notice my submissions! I'm used to waiting for days to months for like just one person to notice anything I had posted! Definitely awesome!
Well I'm slowly getting it :)

New here, figuring it out

2010-11-30 13:37:02 by DimiSirus

Waiting for my first contribution to be approved, wondering how it's going to go over.

Checking out the site, really liking some things....not so much others.....Just like any site out there.

But glad to have found something so accessible concerning original music downloads and posting.

Very excited and yet apprehensive.